Corporate Social
Responsibility Framework

Our Charity Partnerships are something we are very proud of at WhoFoundWho.

When our Founders set out on the journey of building an ethical & successful Recruitment Group, this was one of the deepest passions, to make a positive & effective difference on the issues that matter the most to us.

A key criterion for us has been to make a difference within the local communities where we live & operate with our business.

We want our workforce, our partnered clients & our community of candidates to be proud of the business they work for & with.

Who Found Who
commitment to Volunteering

Everyone at WhoFoundWho commits to at least 1 day of charity work & 1 day of volunteering per year, but more than that, everyone works with our volunteering platform partner ‘OnHand’ to carry out weekly volunteering in the community alongside work. The Directors encourage this from staff as part of our Well-being & Mental Health initiative.

We even have an internal league table for hours volunteered throughout the year.